Aquamar is a U.S. surimi manufacturer that produces high quality and affordable surimi for Hispanic retailers, exporters, and markets.  Our Hispanic Surimi Seafood products are available in popular, easy-to-use flake and leg styles.

U.S. Market

Marazul and AquaTreasure surimi brands can be found throughout the U.S.
Surimi Hispanic Brand Marazul
Surimi Hispanic Brand AquaTreasure
Our Marazul brand of surimi is made especially for Hispanic consumers.  With bilingual packaging, Marazul is easy to identify in Latino grocery retailers.
AquaTreasure is a high-quality and affordable brand of surimi that can be used in many different dishes.  Look for AquaTreasure in the refrigerated seafood section.

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Mexico, Central & South America

Aquamar and Dyna-Sea surimi seafood brands can be found in many Latin American markets.
Aquamar has production and transportation facilities on both coasts of the U.S.  Our manufacturing and transportation capabilities allow us to serve Mexico, Central America, and South America with the highest quality and freshest surimi.
Aquamar Surimi Seafood Mexico Supermercados Mexicos Mariscos


Aquamar Surimi Seafood Guatemala Supermercado


Aquamar Surimi Seafood El Salvador Supermercados Salvadorans Mariscos

El Salvador

Aquamar Surimi Seafood Costa Rica Supermercados Ticos Mariscos

Costa Rica

Aquamar Surimi Seafood Colombia Supermercados Colombianos Mariscos


Find Aquamar Surimi Brands at the following retailers and more:

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