Our COVID-19 Response

Our response to COVID-19 starts with the health and safety of our employees and their families.

Here’s how we’re working across our company to protect and increase health and safety:

Protecting our employees

We have protocols in place to address the health and safety of our employees against COVID-19, including health assessments, quarantines and enhanced cleaning procedures at our facilities.

Increased support for our supply team

We know our employees in our manufacturing facilities are doing very important work to provide food during the pandemic.  We adjust our production schedules to meet the health and safety of employees while keeping up with consumer demand.

Hiring to meet increased demand

We’re hiring to meet the increased demand. Find open jobs in our manufacturing plants and offices on the East Coast and West Coast.

Ensuring our products are safe

COVID-19 is not considered a food safety concern, and consumers are at no risk of contracting the coronavirus from any food product. The CDC and the USDA state that there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 as a foodborne pathogen and the FDA is not aware of any reports of transmission through food or food packaging. We will continue to comply with all requirements and guidelines regarding sourcing and trade of material set by the relevant authorities.